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Who is

Though it may surprise you, the person behind Privi's Potions is not actually a skeleton gnome wizard. Though sometimes I think that it would be way cooler if I was.

The real person behind the brand is me, Nikole! I'm a 26 year old human lady who lives in little old Pennsylvania, which is entirely less cool than being a skeleton gnome wizard. I love creating handmade dice and through my years of crafting, I've found a unique niche that I really love.


Now to introduce the mascot and star of Privi's Potions.... Privera (Privi) Grimboodle!

She is a character I had played in Tomb of Annihilation and she has just stuck with me in every way. Through a series of very weird events, she went from being a 20 year old necromancer gnome to being an undead necromancer gnome. She is loveable and just weird, will never ever wear shoes, and loves all things undead.

 I hope through this magical little shop that you find a candle and d20 that completes your

f a n t a s y.

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